Caroline’s many notebooks are records of the stories she invents.
Sometimes Caroline reads books, but she always starts by the last page in order to check whether she will really like the story. She folds pages with inspiring and memorable quotes. Sometimes, she writes them in other notebooks or on flying sheets of paper.
When she travels, Caroline amasses museum booklets, free cards and newspapers. She cuts out nice images and quotations to eventually glue them in her notebooks or in the letters she writes to her friends.
In her apartment, one can find many scribbled sheets of paper, magazines and books. Caroline could re create a forest with all the papers she owns.


Vincent owns dozens of cameras. 
Vincent does not read a lot, he prefers looking at images. He admires photography books, studies them and puts them on display in his library.
When he travels, Vincent prefers to take pictures of hurried passers-by and slow tourists as opposed to landscapes or architecture. He often loses time when he watches people living, walking, running or taking selfies. It inspires him, and he snaps new shots everyday. 
On his hard disks, Vincent has a multitude of pictures of unknown people who are smiling or looking at him. Vincent could create an ethnological book with all the portraits he owns.