Nadine dreams of a ranch in an open space. nestled deep in the woods on a mountain. She imagines herself as the head of a big family, ruling it majestically, without any man by her side. She would know how to take care of her offspring alone. This is her idyllic vision of old age.

When Nadine met The Pirate, she knew he wasn’t the man of her life, even though he wore shiny necklaces. They would never live together, or talk about which wallpaper to have in the kitchen, nor which gift to offer the mother-in-law for her birthday. But The Pirate was sexy, he was adventurous and Nadine liked him ; he was Nadine’s image of a real man. He had muscular legs, 60 years of crazy living and a free spirit.

He told her he owned a sailboat in the port of Marseille, where she could certainly have adventures, held tight against his strong chest.
He was as old as her father, he wanted to go to the middle of nowhere with her, and she barely knew him… but her passion for him was driving Nadine to go to the seaside and to board the Pirate’s sailboat.

He was there, good-looking, blond, wild, with no clothes other than his necklaces, his bracelets and a Tarzan’s loincloth.

He navigated, staring into the distance, and they both appreciated being alone, free, fiery and naked ; they made love on the lifeboat whenever they wanted. They smelled the sea and felt the spray of the water on their faces as they cut through the waves. They were living the moment and desired nothing more than immediate pleasure.

It lasted one week and they haven’t seen each other since. They write emails to give each other their news once every two years. Nadine is not sad, she seizes every day she lives.

Nadine asks herself, why does one cry when it is time to say goodbye, at the airport or in train stations, for example? If there is happiness, if there is love, there will always be reunions, so why does one cry ?

Nadine likes solitude. She believes that reunions and goodbyes are the same…both make her smile.