Benjamin was not very popular when he was a child. He went to school in the countryside, and he certainly did not have the same style as the other young boys. He did not wear the fluorescent t-shirts, nor the sports caps. He did not collect football player cards. Benjamin did not have any friends, except Sophie, the little girl who was always smiling and running in the playground. Sometimes, she would leave him alone to chat with other little brats. But, children change like the weather: sometimes the sun shines, sometimes it rains and Sophie often went from hot to cold in her friendships.

Once they became teenagers, Benjamin decided to leave for the city, so he left Sophie alone in the countryside. It was like a breakup. She knew perfectly well that Benjamin desired boys as opposed to girls, and that they would never share a romance. So they stopped talking to each other, because of the distance and of the coldness between them. But teenagers change like the weather: sometimes winter drags on, but spring always comes for those who wait.

Benjamin and Sophie did meet again, today they share their old passions: they go to antique markets; they look for butterflies in the glass. Benjamin always offers them to Sophie, because it makes her smile.

Because Sophie agreed to spend time with Benjamin and to be “friends only”, they both meet men. They have had a few love stories, but they have never met each other’s boyfriends.

Sometimes, Benjamin and Sophie talk about the future. They may live together. Benjamin would give everything to Sophie if he were to disappear before her. She would inherit his pieces of art, his dollhouses, his designer coats and all his other materials.

Benjamin knows that Sophie will be his greatest love story.