One sunny afternoon, Vivien and his father went to a statue shop: they wanted to buy a sculpture for Vivien’s mother. That day, the young man wasn’t planning on meeting a gorgeous woman, but when he saw the sculptor’s daughter returning from her run, he felt a strong attraction towards her. He saw her amongst all the statues, her hair was messy and she was sweaty. She introduced herself; her name was Isabelle.

Vivien was a young man full of pride. He used to think he could date any woman he wanted. He even imagined himself dating several at the same time. Well, Vivien was influenced by a friend who adored women, and who went from one relationship to another. However, when Vivien met the sculptor’s daughter, he thought she was too pretty to let go. He invited her to a car-tuning session. There, he kissed her.

People said that the relationship would never last: Vivien liked partying, seeing people and having fun. He was not ready to be committed to someone. However, when Isabelle asked him to choose between her and all the other girls in the world, Vivien admitted that he loved Isabelle. He could never let her go.

Two years later, Vivien said to Isabelle that he did not want to be her boyfriend anymore. She looked at him without understanding. She was sad, oh she had so many insults to tell him but she wanted him to explain himself first.

He did not want her to be his girlfriend anymore, and he reached for a special little box. He wanted her to marry him, and he offered her a ring. Isabelle insulted him whilst laughing: this meant she was happy and wanted to be his wife.

The gemstone on Isabelle’s ring is poorly cut and it often falls out. Isabelle, who is afraid to lose it, would like to make a necklace out of it, so she could wear it at all times.
The gemstone on Isabelle’s ring is as blue as Vivien’s eyes, that is to say a very light blue, almost transparent.