Michaël and Amandine will marry each other on the 20th of September 2019. On that date, they will celebrate their 10th year of being together. They will marry on that very day, even if it is not a Saturday. Michael and Amandine are already engaged. If they are waiting so long to celebrate their wedding, it is because it is easier this way, for the moment.

Since their first kiss, they live a long distance relationship. Amandine says that they always seem to pass by each other: they have never managed to study in the same town. Michael and Amandine often have to wait entire months before spending one weekend together.

At first, Michael and Amandine decided that everything had to be simple between each other. Today, they agree to say that everything is complicated. Amandine likes sweet songs while Michael prefers when louder tunes that are a bit more hardcore. Michael never wears shirts because he hates buttons, but Amandine says that his Sponge Bob t-shirts are quite childish. Amandine is a wise angel and she also wants to highlight that Michael is a rough guy. But most of all, it is the distance that makes their relationship difficult to manage. They like being opposites because they take advantage of their differences. The real problem is the public transport: it is very tiring.

Michael reminds Amandine of their engagement: sooner or later, they will finally live together. They have spent so much time far from each other that they have to make up for lost time… and there is an entire life to do so.

Michael is looking forward to offering Amandine a dream life. Since he lives in Frankfurt, he planned some things: he knows where they could live, where Amandine could apply for a job, he even knows where they could buy their food. Amandine says that Michael overplans. At the moment, what she feels is sadness because he is too far from her. Amandine cannot wait for the distance to be an old memory.

Amandine thinks that Michael has always managed to achieve his goals, that he is a lucky man. Michael agrees, but he adds that a person has to position themself so that luck comes to them. Amandine believes that she has bad luck and that they will have to wait for years before they can share an apartment.

Mathematically, in a couple, when a person believes in bad luck whilst the other is a lucky star, everything could go bad… or extremely well. Amandine says one never knows. Michael says that when one wants, one can.