When we met Scott, Khatuna and their son Adam in France, they were on holiday. Khatuna described how happy she was to feel the cold outside again, to have her hair dancing in the winter wind. She told us that her life in Australia is amazing, but that she sometimes misses the cold and the snow.

Khatuna comes from Abkhazia. This is where she met Scott, almost 10 years ago. Scott, an Australian doctor, was on a medical mission with the “Médecins sans Frontières”. He was helping the sick, diagnosing their illnesses, and Khatuna was working as a translator.

During his first week in Abkhazia, Scott noticed that Khatuna was very special. She was not like the other women: when she spoke English, she had a charming foreign accent, and her crazy, curly hair made her stand out in crowds. She was different, and Scott admits that one is always more seduced by what one does not know.

Scott lived in Abkhazia for 9 months. When summer arrived, he told Khatuna he had feelings for her. Khatuna answered that she was not ready to throw herself into a relationship. She wanted to travel, to visit great cities, different countries… she had to find herself before finding love. Scott returned to Australia and Khatuna travelled to France before settling in an apartment in Moscow. For 2 years, they sent a few sporadic emails to each other, but nothing special. Scott experienced a few love adventures, Khatuna met some men… but Scott admits that Khatuna was always on his mind.

One day, he decided to write her a longer message than usual. Then, he rang her up. He began sending her wonderful letters too, filled with romantic and loving words. Khatuna had neither received nor read anything like them, and she was so moved that she asked him to travel with her. So, they met again in the Maldives, just the two of them. There, at the end of the world, they thought it would be the perfect moment to fall deep in love.

After that trip they met again, in Moscow and Barcelona, and then Khatuna travelled to Australia, to meet Scott's family and see the country.

When she returned from that trip, Khatuna began preparing all the papers to eventually move to Australia with Scott. It took time, but after 6 or 7 months, she left her job, her friends and her family. It was very difficult for her, but she quickly started a family of her own in Australia with Scott. Their son, Adam, is now 2. He has the same crazy hair as his mum, and the face of his dad.

When we get up to leave, Adam first says “bye bye” like a true Australian young boy… he then adds “poka poka”: goodbye, in Russian. His parents smile. They hope that Adam will become – like themselves - a citizen of the world. And if, one day, he falls for someone who lives far away from him, it will not matter too much : Khatuna says that the distance is not a problem… what matters is love, and to find the right moment.