Frieda says that she can’t remember anything, that she is too old. She thinks she was 22 at the time of her first marriage. Her first husband was called Lucien, he used to sow suits for men; he sowed beautiful things, but Frieda can’t remember the name of his job. Frieda says that she was happy, but that things became difficult once the war started. Men, especially, had no choice : they had to leave and fight for their country.

Frieda is confused, but she remembers that Lucien was very sick during the war. He coughed a lot. She travelled to Paris with him, for him to be seen by the best doctors in town, but they couldn’t find a cure for him : Lucien died when he was young. Consequently, Frieda was left alone with their daughter. They decided to go back to live with Frieda's parents.

Frieda used to work in a textile factory. She stitched all day long, in fact she has always been talented at sowing, but now her fingers hurt too much, she's too old. It was in this factory that she met Roger. They spoke from time to time. Roger was like that, he was kind.

One day, a woman (Frieda does not remember her name) invited her to a ball. Roger was there. When he saw her, he asked her to dance and they got to know each other. He asked her if they could meet up again one day.

One day, Frieda was walking with her daughter; she was bringing her to a party. She walked by Roger's house and found him at his front door step. He joined them for a little while on their walk and at one point, he asked Frieda if she would marry him. Roger was like that, he was kind and most importantly, he liked Frieda.

Roger went to Frieda's house, to talk to her parents. He told them he wanted to marry Frieda and they were all happy. Roger was kind. Frieda and Roger had 3 children, and ROger took care of Frieda's first daughter as if she were his own. Roger and Frieda were married for 64 years. Roger was kind. He used to write everything down, he even wrote about their married life, but Frieda does not know where he kept his notes.

There are pictures of Roger, and of Roger and Frieda together on every wall in their tiny apartment. Roger's kind smile stands out in every picture, despite his wrinkles.

There is an empty chair next to Frieda's. Frieda finishes by telling us that everybody should have a man like Roger in their life.