Inna is in love with someone, but she does not want to talk about it. She is not the kind of girl who talks openly about her private life ; she does not even like to share her stories with her best friends. However, Inna will talk about love, her fight for equality and her ideas.

Inna was born in Ukraine. When Inna was a child, she did not live in a comfortable environment : there was no money at the time, only “coupons”. She had to do her homework under candlelight. Young Inna had already realized that not everyone was experiencing life in the same way : some people had more than others. At first, she dreamt about getting toys and chocolate… she would dream that everyone had the same things.

Once she had grown up, Inna realized that it was not only about having material things. Men and women were not treated equally. In Ukraine, a patriarchal society, women needed to be beautiful, they needed to clean the house and to take care of children. Men, however, had more power and rights. Consequently, Inna wanted to fight for equality. Whatever the gender, the sexual orientation or the ethnicity, we are all human beings and we deserve to have equal rights.

Inna joined the FEMEN when she was 19. Inna says that when you see and understand the inequalities in our world, you must fight. And automatically, you will fall in love with this fight.

Inna fights for love. Inna fights for everyone to be able to love whoever they choose. Inna and the FEMEN defend “Marriage for all” ; although people have voted on this love, there are still many opponents. And in many countries, the LGBT community is oppressed. Inna thinks that this is very sad : after all, it is only about love and the opportunity for one to marry whoever they want to, to do what one wants in life. In Eastern Europe, the public's reaction towards homosexuals can sometimes be more violent than in Western Europe. Inna says that when two women kiss in the street, it will please men. Men smile, they are okay with it, but they will not see love through that kiss.

When two men hold hands or express their affection towards one another in public, it gets worse. Some of them are aggressed and insulted. So, the FEMEN try to change this: they want to make equality a right, and not just a trendy value.

Inna says that love is a Human right. And that worst of all, in our society, we still have to fight for love. That is why Inna raises her fist.